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Apocalypse Pending? or Apocalypse Thwarted?

In the year 1905, Nobel physicist, Albert Einstein, published his E=mc² EQUATION, which opened the door to THE WORLD OF THE PROTON GENIE.

Einstein’s EQUATION provides the basis for extracting and fusing PROTONS from ordinary pure water, and making everybody on Earth so idly rich and content from the benefits of this clean, virtually-free and inexhaustible energy supply that nobody should ever again have to worry about pollution, war or poverty, and Mother Nature can once again reign as The Supreme Mistress of any and all Climate Change.

The Doomsday Clock reads: 7 minutes until Doomsday, and counting!

Is it too late? Or, will some ordinary, individual tinkerer (maybe just an average high school student) rise to the occasion and demonstrate the physical expression of Einstein's EQUATION so that the entire World Population can move forward into a future of peace, contentment and prosperity?

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I don't wish to sound too incredulous but a 'process' of change may in fact have started? Maybe this review circulating the web will explain:

Ebook review: The Final Freedoms

On the horizon appears an approaching confrontation so contentious, any clash of civilizations will have to wait its turn. On one side, a manuscript by an unknown author titled: The Final Freedoms, against all the gravitas religious tradition can bring to bear.

This, the first wholly new interpretation for 2000 years of the moral teachings of Jesus the Christ focuses specifically on marriage and human sexuality, challenging all natural law theory and theology. At stake is the credibility of several thousand years of religious history.

What at first appears an utterly preposterous challenge to the religious status quo rewards those who persevere in closer examination, for it carries within its pages an idea both subtle and sublime, what the theological history of religion either ignored, were unable to imagine or dismissed as impossible. An error of presumption which could now leave 'tradition' staring into the abyss and even humble the heights of scientific speculation. For if this material is confirmed, and there appears to be both the means and a concerted effort to authenticate it, the greatest unresolved questions of human existence may finally have been untangled.

Published only on the web and distributed free as a pdf download, made up of twenty nine chapters and three hundred and seventy pages, this new teaching has nothing whatsoever to do with any existing religious conception known to history. It is unique in every respect.

This new teaching is pure ethics. It requires no institutional framework, no churches, no priest craft, no scholastic theological rational, no dogma or doctrine, costs nothing and ‘worship’ requires only conviction, faith and the necessary measure of self discipline to accomplish a new, single moral imperative and then the integrity and fidelity to the new reality.

Using a synthesis of scriptural material from the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha , The Dead Sea Scrolls,The Nag Hammadi Library, and some of the worlds great poetry, it describes and teaches a single moral LAW, a single moral principle and offers its own proof; one in which the reality of God responds to an act of perfect faith with a direct, individual intervention into the natural world; making a correction to human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness, human ethical perception, and providing new, primary insight and understanding of the human condition.

This new interpretation explains the moral foundation of all human thought and conduct and finds expression within a new covenant of human spiritual union, the marriage between one man and one woman. It resolves the most intractable questions and issues of human sexuality and may offer possibilities cultural, political process has yet to dream of.

As the first ever religious teaching able to demonstrate its own efficacy, the first ever religious claim to knowledge that meets the criteria of the most rigourous, testable scientific method, this teaching enters the public domain as a reality entirely new to human history and available for anyone to test, discover and confirm for themselves.

The beginnings of an intellectual and moral revolution are unfolding on the web. Is this the catalyst that might very well define the very future of humanity and the earth itself!

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